about Pigheaded BBQ

Pigheaded BBQ is a competition team based out of Middletown, Delaware. We are a family team that competes primarily in the Mid Atlantic area. While not all members attend all events, we do usually have a pretty large contingent onsite. Pigheaded BBQ was formed in 2007 after Pitmaster Ron Templeman Sr. was mentored for a couple of competitions by Mark Fredrichs whom he met while attending a competition in Bristol, PA. in 2006. Mark graciously took him under his wing and showed him how the competition circuit worked and how to properly plan, prep and compete. Eternal thanks to Mark for his kindness. Team members are:

Ron Templeman Sr, Pitmaster/Head Cook: Ron is a retired Philadelphia Police Diver

Norma Templeman CFO: Norma is Ron's wife and the "Garnish Queen". She designs the turn in boxes

Ron Templeman V2.0: Ron & Norma's son and cooks most ancillary categories & assists with the others.

Mike Sadgwar: Mike cooks the pork entry and People's Choice entries.

Trina Sadgwar: Mike's wife and Ron & Norma's daughter. Pork puller extraordinaire and pork box maker.

Brian Milito: Webmaster, sometime ancillary cook and all around category back up.

Stephanie Sadgwar: Mike's sister, the other pork puller and all around assistant.

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