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October 22, 2016

Pigheaded BBQ / Delaware State Champions

Pigheaded BBQ survived all that mother nature threw at us this weekend at the DE State Park at Indian River Inlet in Dewey Beach, DE. She blasted us with a torrential downpour from 11PM Friday night 'till 3:30AM Saturday morning. She also added 20-25 mph winds with gusts up to 40mph for good measure. Our canopies managed to survive, though not all teams were not as lucky. We were happy with our cook as "Raquel" purred along all night in the weather and hoped for good results. We were very surprised and happy to hear our name called as Delaware State Champions. We thought our good friends at Slower Lower BBQ had beat us out because they had 2 walks to the stage and we only heard our name called once in ribs. It turned out that we had a higher overall score and was presented with a beautiful one of a kind trophy. Thank you Sandy Fulton, the organizer and DE State Parks for hosting this event at this great venue. We will be back next year.

September 17, 2016

Pigheaded BBQ wins GC at 4th Annual BBQ Brawl in the Fall

Pigheaded BBQ had a great time at the 4th Annual BBQ Brawl in Dover, DE. Jeff Haass of Haass' Family Butcher Shop and crew put on another fantastic event. In addition to the BBQ competitiion, Jeff and crew hosted a stellar lobster, shrimp and clam seafood boil with pork loin, bbq chicken, assorted veggies and pretzel salad (yum!!) to approximately 1200 people. In the BBQ competition, we placed 2nd in ribs, 1st in pork and 5th in brisket to finish 1st overall (GC). It was great cooking next to our good friends Slower Lower BBQ and seeing so many others in our BBQ family. Congrats to all who heard their names called. We also met new friends and hope to see all again here next year.

September 11, 2016

Pigheaded BBQ takes 4th place overall

Pigheaded BBQ takes 4th place overall at the inaugeral Fire Up Hope BBQ Festival in Devon, PA. We placed 19th in chicken, 1st ribs, 11th pork and 10th brisket. We had a great time despite the heat on Friday and Saturday. Sunday cooled down nicely and just added to this event. The organizer and promoter crews did a great job and this promises to be on our schedule again next year. 

August 29, 2016

Pigheaded BBQ takes 5th place, with a PERFECT 180 Brisket entry, at New Holland Summerfest in New Holland, PA.

Pigheaded BBQ takes 5th place at New Holland Summerfest in New Holland, Pa Sat August 27, 2016.  The day was highlighted by thte all-elusive PERFECT 180 score in the Brisket category.  Check the 2016 Competitions page for more details and pictures.

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